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We Care.

The fashion/textile industry is the second worst polluter to the environment after the oil industry. 2.4% of the world's land is planted with non-organic cotton, yet treated with nearly 25% of the world's chemical insecticides. These chemicals are highly toxic and hazardous, and contaminate our planet as they are released into our rivers, ocean and environment. Unless it is organically grown, all of the cotton we wear comes from this appalling process. Not to mention that those pure white fabrics including clothing, bedding sheets, towels and curtains and papers that we use daily are bleached when they make them. Bleach is another chemical that pollutes our environment.


We must be conscious about every action we take daily, because it will hugely impact our environment. Is what I am buying sustainable? How was it made? Does the process contribute to the pollution of the environment?  These are the questions we ask at Ti & CoCo in order to create our conscious sustainable clothing line.  

A lot of items that we buy daily are indirectly polluting the environment. We have to THINK when we buy ANY THING! Just as we buy organic, nourishing foods for our body, we also need to buy the items and support the companies that protect our fragile planet. If we continue to support the fashion industry the way it is, there will be no planet left for us to grow good organic food!  


It involves empowering you, the consumer, to simply make a better choice.