Spring 2018 - The idea of creating Ti & CoCo was conceived after reading about how the conventional cotton farming for Fashion/ Textile industry has been one of the top polluters in the world next to the oil industry with the use of tons of toxic pesticides, insecticides and chemical fertilizers end up contaminating the environment. Started researching on sustainable fabric productions, distributors, and materials for creating our new eco-conscious clothing brand.

Spring 2019 - Ti & CoCo has officially launched in Hana, Maui Hawaii

April 2019 - Tenshiba Aloha Festival, @Tenshiba, Osaka Japan ~ Pop-up show

July 2019 - The Prince Lot Hula Festival, @Iolani Palace, Honolulu Hawaii (Oahu) ~ Pop-up shop

September 2019 - LA Fashion Festival 2019, @Phylm Studios, Los Angeles California ~ Pop-up shop

                                                                     *  UP-COMING EVENT!! 


                                                                @ QUEEN KA'AHUMANU CENTER, KAHULUI MAUI

                                            ~ Details of the storefront information will be posted in mid November! 

                                                         **December 13th (FRI), 14th (SAT) & 15th (SUN) 2019 **


                                                                    *   COME SHOP WITH US !