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About Us

Ti & CoCo is located in Hana Maui, Hawaii. We are surrounded by lush tropical rainforest that is almost untouched, where plants still play an important role in the daily lives of the people. Our name Ti & CoCo, comes from the Ti Leaf and the Coconut, two plants that are sacred in Polynesian culture. To us, the Ti Leaf is a symbol of our mission to be green, while the Coconut signifies clean water, which is vital for an everlasting planet. Just as the plants are clean and pure, it is our goal to have our clothing line be the same. We are inspired to protect and preserve this beautiful, nourishing planet that we call home. Ti & CoCo is the manifestation of our mission and wish for sustainability, ethical, eco-friendly and conscious fashion - the way of the future! 
With aloha and appreciation for Mother Earth
Ti & CoCo, Spring 2019, Hana, Maui