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Our Mission

After finding out how dangerous the conventional (non-organic) cotton industry is, the idea of creating Ti & CoCo, a sustainable clothing brand began. For every single item that we create and use, we are constantly revising and updating our methods to ensure they are as environmentally sustainable as possible. 

  • Our clothing labels that are sewn on our clothing are made with 100% organic cotton and unbleached. 
  • Our clothing hang tags and clothing shopping bags are mostly reclaimed or recycled paper material, and most are not bleached.
  • Our individual garment bags are 100% biodegradable made of cassava starch by Avani Eco, for a replacement of plastic bags = all plastics are made of oil, and pollute the environment.

We vowed to only use 100% Organic Cotton. Read more about the scary facts of the cotton industry: https://tiandcoco.com/pages/100-organic-cotton.

Growing cotton requires a large amount of water, so we decided to also use Linen, which in comparison requires very little. Linen is very fast growing, making it a more efficient fiber to use, and it will simply biodegrade with no harmful waste or byproducts. 

We are also very happy to work with Lenzing, one of the world's leading environmentally conscious textile producers, as we proudly use their Modal and Tencel fabrics.  

We the consumers can change the world for the better by paying attention and making the right choices. If we all choose to only buy organic and sustainable products, then soon that will be the only option on the market, and the dangerous and harmful fashion/textile industry will be forced to change for the better.  

Either we continue to destroy our earth as we have in the last 50 years, or we simply become conscious and make a better choice.

Make impactful decisions every day and join us on the journey to save our environment! With aloha :)